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This section tends to be wordy as it gets into the details of what entails in a cake design and its process.  Hopefully, breaking down into the following sections helps you understand better: 


Our cakes are mostly composed of layers of sponge cakes alternated with frostings, like buttercream or chocolate ganache.  It is also possible to insert various types of fillings like pralines, fruity curds or jams between the layers of sponge cakes and frostings as well.  More details can be found under the flavours section below. 

After having an idea of the cake's composition, the next step is to understand the different styles of a structured cake. We can probably divide into 3 different cake types: Naked cake, Buttercream cake and Fondant covered cake. 


1.  Naked cake:

A naked cake does not have any topping such as fondant, frosting, meringue, chocolate… this type of cake is designed as layer cakes that proudly tout thick stripes of buttercream or chocolate ganache filling.  Without the typical outer coat, the interior of the cake is completely exposed. it can have fruit or different kind of fillings. Thus, it has a simple and natural look suitable for rustic themes.

  • usally adorned with fresh flowers instead of sugar flowers

  • more affordable for those with a limited budget

  • less rich in taste without fondant and being covered with buttercream

  • less room for creativity on the decoration aspect of the cake

white icing-covered cake with flowers on
Decorated Layered Cake  _edited_edited_e

2. Buttercream/ ganache cake :

Buttercream cake is covered entirely with buttercream and here, we use Swiss Meringue Buttercream to cover our wedding cakes as it is more stable, smoother and is less sweet than other types of buttercream.  It is possible also to use chocolate gananche to cover the cake in place of buttercream


  • suitable for those who do not like fondants

  • less smooth on the decoration than fondant covered cakes

3. Fondant covered cake :

Fondant covered cake is first coated entirely with frosting of your choice and then covered with fondant/ sugarpaste.  Here, the fondant acts as a blank canvas that allows your imaginations go free with creativity and inspirations. 

  • fondant/ sugarpaste allow the cake to have a smoother finish

  • more flexibility in terms of creativity with the cake decorations 

  • suitable for sugar and fresh flowers

  • can be costly due to price of fondant and labour intensivity 


Flavors Menu

Good music , good mood and good quality
Sponge cakes

Classic Vanilla

Deep Chocolate 

Chocolate chip



Banana walnut 

Carrot spices


Earl Grey 

Lemon olive oil

Pink Cream_edited.jpg

Swiss Meringue Buttercream


Brown butter

Cream cheese

Bitter almond

Coffee baileys



White chocolate

Dark chocolate

Milk chocolate

strawberry cake on white ceramic plate_e

Various berry compotes

Lemon curd

Various berry curd

Pandan curd

Hazelnut praline

Coconut caramel custard

Vanilla or chocolate custard

* Flavors in bold may not be available all year round or require additional charges

If you do not find your favorite flavor, please feel free to discuss it with us.  We are gourmands who love to explore & experiment new flavors.


Design Theme

Tell us what you have in mind in terms of style for your cake: Romantic, elegant, natural, minimalist, modernist, etc... Sharing with us the mood board would be very useful to come up with the color combination for your cake.

It would be very helpful if you could send us pictures of your

  • wedding gown

  • favorite things

  • stationery designs (invitation cards, menu, etc.)

  • jewelries

  • flowers

  • mood board and the list goes on. . .

To give us some inspirations...

The process

The Process

01. Contact us!

Please get in touch with us to check for our availabilities.  We make a limited number of cakes per year due to the personal attention we give to each cake. If possible, please read the above information and give us as much details as possible with your request.

02. Discuss &


During this session, we will go over your needs and preferences for the cake via emails, chats, calls or meet ups, so that we can provide you with a rough sketch of the design as well as the estimated quotation. If you are interested in a cake tasting session starting from 50€, this would be the time to request. 

03. Sketch & quotation

Following our discussion, we should be able to come up with a sketch of your cake  and an estimation of the price.  The sketching and calculation could probably take a few days as we need to confirm the hours needed and the expenses of the materials. 

04. Confirmation and payment

When you have decided to give us the honor of making your cake,  we will send you documents for your signature as well as an invoice.

Below are the payment conditions:

- there will be a non-refundable fee of 100€ for reserving the date with us. 
- 50% of the total price should be paid 2 months before the day of the event.  
- the total payment has to be received before the day of the event. 

05.  The 'D' day

Owing to the size and fragility of our cakes, we highly recommend a delivery service or a self-collection with another person in a car to hold onto the cake during the bumpy journey on the roads.  For complicated and tall cakes, we may require to deliver and set-up the cake on the spot at the event venue.  We will coordinate with you or your wedding planner closer to the date. 

Pricing guide

Pricing Guide

We specialise in cakes personalised for your events.  Our prices reflect the dedicated work on your cake, from the start of the designing to the preparation of each building blocks to the implementation of the details on your cake and finally to the attention given on the delivery as well as set up, all these require tremendous effort and time spent on the cake. We also use good quality ingredients that are made from scratch.

Every cakes are unique and custom made for each individual. Hence, we do not make exact copies of other cake artists' cake nor our own previous cakes.  It is also difficult to present an exact pricing of your cake without knowing  the final design and what kind of work is entailed. Thus, please use that the following pricings only as a guide. 

  Naked cake:  from 9€ per portion

  Buttercream/ Ganache frosted cake: from 11€ per portion

  Fondant covered cake: from 13€ per portion

  Dummy cakes which are used to create more height and volume : starting from 5€ per portion.

  Sugar / Wafer flowers: from 40€ per flower/s

  Modelling figurines: from 90€ 

  Sweet table of petit fours ( macarons, mini cupcakes, tartelettes, etc ...) :  from 3€ with a minimum of 30 pieces.

A number of factors can affect the prices: 

- The number of portions: the smaller the number, the higher the prices per portion. The above starting prices are based on 40 portions per cake. 

- The complexity of the design: for example, sugar flowers are labor intensive because each petals, leaves, stames etc, are handmade. 

- The type of flavors and ingredients selected for the cake

Other extra charges to consider:  delivery and setting-up of cake, rent of props like cake stands . . .



How should I store my cakes?

Usually cakes are picked up or delivered on the day of the event.  If there is a need to store it in the fridge, please let us know and we will inform you of the necessary space requirement for you to keep the cake and preferrably the cake box in the fridge.  We recommend that you leave the cake out of the fridge, in room temperature, for at least 45 minutes so that the frosting and cake will not be too cold and hard.  

What is the difference between fresh and sugar flowers? 

This question merits a longer explanation so we will perhaps address it in a blog in a more details in the near future.  However, here are a few quick pointers on their differences. 

Fresh flowers:

                        +   cheaper in price and you could use the same flowers from your wedding flourist. 

                        -    contains pesticides and flowers without pesticides are difficult to find in France

                        -    do not last long

                        -    seasonal and difficult to anticipate the colors nor the type that we could get for the wedding cake.  

Sugar flowers:

                        +   easier to create the type of flower and match closer their colors to the wedding moodboard.

                        +   can be kept forever in an airtight glass box as a keepsake of your wedding. 

                        -   more expensive due to the nature of work. Each line on the petals are made by hand and with love. 

                        -   fragile to handle 


Do you use fresh flowers ?

We specialise in sugar flowers and not so much in fresh flowers but if clients request we will get fresh or even dried flowers. 

Do you deliver or do we have to pick-up the cake? 

We have a delivery service for a fee in the perimeters of 250 km around Paris. Please let us know where the event is located.  We recommend delivery services for large and fragile flowers especially if we need to set up the cake for you on the event location. 

You could also pick up the cake at our studio in Paris 7th during our business hours. It is advisable to have someone in the vehicle who could hold the cake during the drive as the roads can be bumpy.  Cakes are not our responsibility once they leave our hands. 

 Do you rent props such as cake stands ? 

If we have the cake stand or presenters you need, we could rent it to you for 15-30€ plus a deposit of 50-100€ which is refundable when you return the item to us within 5 days after the event. 

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